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IDEX Sealing Solutions (ISS) is a specialist division of IDEX Corporation,  comprising of the following companies which focus on precision engineered sealing solutions to support some of the world’s most demanding and critical applications.

These companies specialize in providing the optimum sealing solutions for challenging applications based on component design, material characteristics and operating requirements, to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and reliability.

Precision Polymer Eningeering - sealing solutions

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) is a manufacturer of elastomer O-rings and custom components.

Located in Blackburn, UK and Texas, USA.

PPE website

FTL Technology - sealing solutions

FTL Technology is a specialist provider of fully customized sealing components and engineered solutions utilizing the latest sealing technologies.

Located in Leeds, UK.

FTL Technology website

Novotema - sealing solutions

Novotema S.p.A is a leading molder of rubber seals, O-rings, gaskets, washers and custom shaped components.

Located in Villongo, Italy.

Novotema website

Roplan - sealing solutions

Roplan is a leading developer and manufacturer of mechanical seals for rotating equipment.

Located in Sweden, UK, USA, China.

Roplan website


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